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TMS Moving & Storage FAQ

Does it matter what items go in a particular size box?
Yes. It is very important to pack items in the correct boxes. For example, heavy items such as books should go in small boxes so that the boxes can be picked up. Likewise, lightweight items such as linens should go in larger boxes. Reminder: all boxes must have tops that can be taped closed.


Do I have to pack the items in my dresser drawers into boxes?
Not always. If your dresser is extremely heavy when empty, such as those made out of oak or mahogany, then yes, pack the contents of your dresser into boxes. If the piece is a standard size and weight, though, then you can leave your clothes in the drawers.


Can the movers put my plants and/or potted trees on the truck?
If your move is considered local, and if there is room on the truck, then yes. However, you must stop watering the plants and trees a week before your move so that they are totally dry when they are placed on the truck.


Will the movers take my pictures and mirrors?
Yes. The men will wrap them and put them on the truck. However, by law we are not supposed to remove anything from the walls, so if possible, have the pictures and mirrors resting against a wall when the movers arrive.


Do you move appliances?
Yes. We disconnect hoses and plugs at the current home and reconnect them at the new home.


Can you move household cleaning supplies?
No. By law we cannot move anything considered hazardous or flammable.

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